Ponce Village – Homeless Women Housing

Since 2014 Ponce Church has served over 20,000 meals to the Homeless at 320 North Street every Saturday in Daytona Beach.

Over the years they have had the privilege of connecting with them, look them in the eyes and smile. Some choose to not look up for fear of being judged, but when they do lift their head they meet love – A love that points no fingers; a love that says,  You are Welcome here.

Pastor Nina Tidwell, has had many opportunities to talk and pray with a number of the Homeless Women, learn their names, give them hugs, and let them know they are loved.

In 2015 studies estimated there are 565,000 homeless in the USA on any given night – 40% (nearly half) are Women.
Over 1 Million people experience homelessness each year.

Statistics say Domestic and Sexual Violence is the Leading Cause of Homelessness among Women and Families, and 20-50% of all Homeless Women and Children become Homeless as a direct result if fleeing domestic violence. (From the article: Health Care for Homeless Women – The National Center on Family Homelessness and National Coalition for the Homeless.)

During one of their North Street events a woman came who had no shoes and only the clothes on her back. Because of the generous gifts of others they were able to provide her with a pair of shoes and a change of clothes.

Another woman came to Pastor Nina just the other week, took her hand and began to cry as she shared how she was sexually assaulted  the week prior.  The woman told her she wants off the streets. Pastor Nina then assured her that preparations were being made to launch Ponce Village – Homeless Women Housing, and informed her that she would keep her informed of its progress.

Pastor Nina and her family have had an ongoing desire to provide housing for the Homeless Women, especially those who are looking to get out of their destructive relationships and lifestyles.

Because of Ponce Village we will be able to provide Safe Housing, and help lead them to a Life of Renewed Hope.

With the success of  Legacy House,  a safe home for girls aging out of the foster care system, we have been able to prevent Homelessness, prostitution and trafficking, and with the launch of Ponce Village we will be able to rescue the Homeless women from the dangers of living on the street.

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